Misty Birdbath Setup Information
Misty Birdbath Setup Information
Misty Bird Bath setup information


1. Place your hands on the copper pole and push it firmly into the ground.

2. Grab the 4 foot tubing near the bottom of the pole, and push the tubing up through the top of the pole until it sticks out about 6 inches or so.

3. Unscrew the SPRINKLER HEAD & SMALL RUBBER WASHER from the top of the tubing.

4. Insert the SPRINKLER HEAD (with the washer) through the hole in the copper bowl and screw it tightly into the tubing, using a small wrench if needed.

5. Gently pull the tubing down through the bottom of the pole until the copper bowl is seated firmly on the redwood pedestal.


1. Attach the 25 foot tubing with the FAUCET ADAPTOR & PRESSURE REGULATOR to a faucet or a hose. (You may want to cut the tubing to the desired length.)

2. Screw the FLOW CONTROL VALVE into the 4 foot tubing at the bottom of the pole, thereby connecting all the tubing. The fit will be tight. (It may be easier to first remove the valve from the longer tubing, screw the valve into the pole tubing and then re-attach the longer tubing.)

3. Tubing can be concealed from view by slicing a groove in the ground along the desired route and pressing the tubing gently into this channel.

4. Turn the faucet on slightly and adjust the flow using the FLOW CONTROL VALVE to adjust the height of the spray.